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Safeguarding includes both child protection and safeguarding of adults in vulnerable circumstances. Safeguarding in the Catholic Church is guided by the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service whose policies and procedures have been adopted by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. It is important that everyone in the parish is aware of the Safeguarding Policy. The Parish Representative is Jane Grenfell , and any parishioner who is taking on a role in the church or parish involving children or adults in vulnerable circumstances must contact Jane BEFORE taking on these types of parish roles.

Jane will be happy to provide general information about safeguarding and good practice. If any parishioner is worried about a current situation where children or vulnerable adults could be at risk, or if they are concerned about matters from the past, they can speak to Jane or speak directly to the Safeguarding Team.
Safeguarding Team: 0121 230 6240 There is an emergency number as well: 07916516629
Jane Grenfell is the contact. Telephone 07833915724 – where you can leave a message. Please state clearly that this is a safeguarding matter.
There is a poster at the back of the church and a small blue booklet which gives information and contact details.


Training is available through the Safeguarding Team for anyone who is interested in understanding safeguarding matters. The training is through e-learning packages and is free to every member of the Catholic Community in England and Wales. There is training related to both children, young people and adults in risk situations. For those who have a particular role working with children, young people or adults in vulnerable situations in the Parish, you may be required to complete some of the training packages but this will be discussed with you at the time of appointment. The training is CPD accredited and therefore can add towards professional development. Any member of the Parish is eligible to take modules, whether you are a parent, grandparent, carer, or individual wishing to know more about safeguarding.

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