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Finance & Gift Aid

Saint Birinus Catholic Parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

The church is a Grade II* listed building and this along with the presbytery and grounds are expensive to maintain. The Parish has to be financially entirely self-sufficient and our only source of income is monies given to the church by the parishioners.

The Archdiocese of Birmingham needs to set a Levy in order to operate. In the Diocese there are certain costs which are best funded centrally rather than by individual parishes. These include the costs of central administration, the Bishops, Curia, Education Services, Marriage Tribunal and payments for retired Priests, etc.

In 2012 the total amount spent in this way was some £2,105,000, which equated to 9% of the total income for the Diocese (i.e. all income including that raised in parishes).
These are funded by a levy on parish income based on 12.5% of the income the parish received two years ago, i.e. the 2015 levy is based on the money received in 2013.
The accounts for the Diocese are summarised each year in Catholic Today, the Diocesan Newspaper and are available in full on the Charity Commission website.

Gift Aid

The parish Gift Aid and Planned Giving Coordinator, (TBA) , (see Contacts) keeps a local record of Gift Aid donors and their gifts. Each year a claim is made by the diocese for the return of UK Income Tax on the monies logged to persons who are UK Taxpayers and have requested, by filling in and returning, a Gift Aid deed which asks that their tax on the gift be reclaimed for the use of the Parish.
The donor must pay Income or Capital Gains Tax on a sum at least equivalent to his/her annual gift. Higher Rate tax payers can claim a refund of the tax paid at higher rate above 20%.
Each year the Diocese sends to St Birinus Parish the tax reclaimed on donations under Gift Aid (i.e. 20% of the gross gift) less 1.2% to cover the costs of managing the claim.
The Gift Aid deed is transparent to the HMRC and the Diocese and it is best suited to regular sums.
The HMRC information on Gift Aid may be seen here.

Special gifts of money

A way of giving the parish monies intended specifically for the upkeep and improvement of our Grade II* listed building and ground is to send it to the Parish Secretary for it to be paid into a fund set up specifically for this intention.